The Bath Collection


La belleza de los materiales industriales

November 15, 2018

Feetonline se inspira en los materiales de construcción más rudos y los pule hasta obtener delicadas piezas pintadas a mano. Las pinceladas de los artistas de Feetonline Atelier simulan tierra,...

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Solid Surface and DADOquartz novelties

November 14, 2018

Pure lines, luminosity and simple geometries. Solid Surface and DADOquartz connect with the traditional washbasin and, at the same time, projects it towards the future, amplifying its...

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Feetonline Atelier: marble inspiration

November 12, 2018

Feetonline Atelier has joined the world of art to the ceramics sector and bathroom décor from the beginning. The artists come up with ideas, work on new designs, create, and experiment with...

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Brest washbasin the elegance of metal finish

November 7, 2018

In its eagerness to continue innovating, Feetonline has managed to coat porcelain with textured metal finishes. So that what looks like metal, but is not, perfectly blends in with any texture...

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Experience the texture of Carnac and Rennes washbasin

November 5, 2018

"Making Experiences", the new Feetonline catalogue of novelties presents pieces of unique personality, capable of inspiring an amalgam of feelings through contact with the different...

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New catalogue of novelties 2018 Making experiences

October 18, 2018

We show you a new catalogue of novelties that are created in different finishes, textures and designs developed through painstaking research work. As a result, each piece seems to take on...

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