Chic Montañés


Casa María is the product of a comprehensive renovation of a residence in a rustic-chic style. It involves a gastropub in Herrera de Ibio, a town in Cantabria with abundant charm.

To address this project, Paula Adrés created a detailed design for every corner of the place to give it an overall common denominator: maintaining the traditional materials and using them in a modern way to adapt the space to its new use.

From the very first moment when I was visiting the house, I felt this magic that only certain places have…

Many of the elements that lent the space charm were already present in the original structure, and so the architect tried to adapt them to the style the owners wanted as closely as possible. To complete the design of this space, the architect decided to install the Fiji washbasin, from the Stone Series collection, in the restroom, which is striking for its mixture of styles with a background of hydraulic tiles.

 08Paula Andrés studied architecture at the University of Valladolid and has worked in various studios dedicated to architecture and interior design, the latter being her speciality. She started her career in Madrid as a project manager for different shopping centres, flagship stores, and specialised centres. After several years of intensive training, she decided to go out on her own
and opened her own architecture
studio specialised in the renovation of commercial spaces and comprehensive residential renovation. Paula approaches projects in a meticulous way, listening to the needs of the client, and she works on projects focused on optimisation of space